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About Red Hook

Red Hook is one of the nation's fastest-growing professional providers of alternate risk and captive management services. Talk to us, and you'll understand why. We deliver a turnkey solution for evaluating, conceptualizing, forming and managing an insurance captive that is designed to fit your specific risk management....
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What is a Captive?

A Captive is an insurance or reinsurance company that Red Hook establishes for you, usually as a wholly owned subsidiary of your company, insuring the risk exposures of you, as a captive owner/parent company as well as your affiliated companies or subsidiaries. A Captive collects premiums, pays losses and has legal, tax, accounting....
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Captives & Medical Malpractice

Red Hook Risk was founded in alliance with Berkshire Hathaway's Medical Protective, the highest rated medical malpractice provider in the nation, giving Red Hook client's numerous competitive advantages.

The Captive insurance model can provide very attractive advantages for hospitals, physician groups, nursing homes and other healthcare....
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Do I Qualify?

The Internal Revenue Service allows the benefits of a Captive insurance company regardless of industry or size. If you answer yes to most of these questions, a Captive is an option for you:

  • Is it difficult to get appropriate insurance for your type of risk?
  • Is insurance for your company's risk available but cost prohibitive?

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Discover the benefit of alternate risk and captive management services today!

"Red Hook will work closely with you to determine the best type of Captive for your unique risk."

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